Certified lurker and HD fangirl

27 October 1988
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Hi I'm Dracones,

I'm a slash/yaoi fangirl. I lurker and avid reader of Harry/Draco fiction. I love music, food and travelling. I also dabble in some photography and I love good conversations and laughter, and loads of it. :)

I generally don't like dark!fics and unhappy endings because it depresses me.

In real life I am a graduate student. I am a little slow to warm but when I get close to you I will never let go. *clings* I value loyalty and friendship. :)

I hate biggots and bullies. I'm a big believer that everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, opinions and lifestyles even if I don't personally agree with it, I will still treat them with respect so long as they show me the same courtesy.
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